Key Policies

Northlands Parent Partnership Policy - 2020
Admissions policy 2018-19
Admissions policy 2018-19
Admissions for Primary School children
Adverse weather policy
After School Clubs
Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance policy
Calculation Policy
Charging policy 2017
Child Protection Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Complaints policy
counter-extremism policy
Data Protection Policy
English Policy
Equality & Diversity Policy
Exclusion Policy
First Aid Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Freedom of Information Policy 2017
Geography Policy
Health Safety Wellbeing Policy 2017
ICT code of conduct children
ICT code of conduct teachers
Learning & Teaching Policy
Managing Medication In School
Maths Policy
MAT School Meals Policy
MAT Uniform Extreme Hairstyles Policy
Mental Health Policy
Music Policy
Online Safety Policy
PE Policy
Photography & Videos
Positive Behaviour Policy
Privacy Notice (Parents & Carers)
Privacy Notice (Pupil)
Reading Policy
SEN Report
SEN Policy
Single Equality Scheme & Action Plan
SRE Policy
Volunteer Working in School Policy
Walking Home policy 2017
Whistleblowing Policy
Children Missing from Education Policy
Missing Education and Child Employment Service