Maths at Northlands

At Northlands Primary School & Nursery we deliver the main aims of the National Curriculum:

  • To become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics,
  • To reason mathematically,
  • To solve problems.

We do this by planning and teaching exciting lessons. This gives our children opportunities to practise their arithmetic skills to build their fluency and offers interesting problems and probing questions to develop their reasoning. Children are given time to work practically with a range of resources to lay the foundations of their mathematical understanding, as well as time to discuss problems and develop a rich mathematical vocabulary.

We use a Maths scheme developed by the White Rose Maths Hub for Reception through to Year 6. This scheme helps us to deliver a mastery approach to teaching Maths and has teaching ideas for fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Our children have a fantastic attitude towards Maths and many consider it their favourite subject!